Why creating a pinboard is a good idea before a photoshoot?

I encourage my clients to start a pinboard to collate images you would like for your photoshoot. We’re looking to create images which reflect you, your business and your brand essence.

From here we can plan your photoshoot and think about location, what to wear and even the props we might need so that you have the images which work for you, your marketing and the messages that you’d like to communicate.

Having a plan beforehand also helps manage expectations on the day (and makes it far less daunting) so you’re not wondering what’s going to happen and what photos you might end up with.

We can then make sure the images look coherent, fit perfectly with you and make you look your best in order to show clients who you are, what you do and your vibe.

If you’re a business owner, and you’d like to start a pinboard with me, with your ideal images drop me a message as I’d love to chat

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