Good branding photoshoot locations?

If you have a certain aesthetic in mind for your branding photoshoot the location may play a key part in planning where to hold the session.

There are lots of different options when it come to where to have your photoshoot- from homes, offices, shared spaces, a friends house, hotels, cafes, galleries, gyms, studios, outdoors …. the list is endless.  

You can rent a space, you may have access to an instagrammable  space already, or you may be able to ask a friend or a friendly airbnb owner to use a spot.  There are free and public spaces you can use around town such as a great bench outdoors, a lobby to a public building, a beautiful library building for example.  The main considerations come down to good lighting and matching the location to your work and brand so it makes sense for you in your business.  

The time of day for the shoot may also need to be considered to make sure its not crowded with people.  Also having a wet weather options if outdoors is a good plan.  

Here’s the entrance to a little converted schoolhouse I found earlier.  The room inside is beautiful high white walls and white ceilings and it can be hired by the hour - and the light was just fabulous so I can’t wait to photograph here soon 🌟

Where would you like to be photographed?

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