Where do I start with Business Photography?

If you’re thinking about your social media, website and marketing strategy
you’ll likely need some business photography or personal branding images.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur, launching a new company or running any type of business you’ll need good imagery to help elevate your brand, but where to start?

Storytelling, that’s where.  Think about you in your business -

- Where do you work?

- Who are your clients? 
- What tools do you use?

- What industry are you in?

- What products or services do you sell?

- What promotions are you running?

- Images about you 😀

Having images of these elements helps tell the story of your business and brings it to life for your clients.  They can see you, they can understand what you sell, how you sell it and the likely interaction they will have with your company.  It’ll start to help them feel familiar with your company so they begin to know and like it and you, before even meeting you in person or stepping in the door.

For all my personal branding and business shoots, we would share sample images
and plan out a series of photographs which would tell the story of you and your
business.  The end result is a bank of images for you to use over the next few
months which represent you and your brand.  These images are designed to
attract clients and stand out from the crowd…. And give you an easy way to
quickly update social media and your website with images you’re proud to share.

So, if you need some images for your business and would like to start a conversation about branding or business photography, please drop me a line as I’d love to chat to you.  

Business Headshot and Personal Branding Photographer - Giselle B Photography

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