What to wear to a business photoshoot?

What to wear for a business photoshoot? 👗 🧥 👠  Here are my 3 top tips of things to think about when choosing your outfit for you headshot or branding shoot.

1)   Choose clothes that fit and follow your shape.  Avoid the tendency to add volume such as bulky cable knit sweaters, puff sleeves, billowy dresses which can look great in person but don’t tend to photograph well. 

2) Colours - Think about what colours to wear and choose an outfit which will complement and be consistent with your company or brand colours.  If your images are for your website or social media, you might wish to think about what works with these colours rather than clashing with them.  Colour theory refers to how different colours convey different messages - see my earlier post for more details.  Solid colours tend to work better then busy patterns which can be distracting. 

3) Materials - Cottons and wool suits photograph beautifully as they often have a matt like finish rather a shine.  Shiny fabrics such as silks and satins reflect light in a way which can highlight creases, showing areas of light and dark, which again can be distracting to anyone viewing the image.    

Wear clothes that you love.  When you feel great, you look great, and this translates into your images. 

For everyone booking with me I send out a guide to share lots of my tips or please drop me a message if you would like to receive it and I’ll send it to you.

Have a great day

Giselle x 

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