What makes a good headshot?

I’m passionate about taking corporate headshots.  It’s not for every photographer and every photographer has a genre they’re drawn towards - be that people, landscape, weddings, buildings, animals, still life, food etc., but for me, portraits and especially headshots are my thing.  I have a corporate background, I know what its like climbing the corporate ladder, and trying to stand out, as well as running my own business.  I understand the importance of having a strong headshot which you’re proud to share, especially in this day and digital age and the bottom line is you have to be seen and show up online.  That’s it, its simple really.  So if you have to have a headshot, what makes it a good one. 

These are some of my basic considerations for headshots:
- Focus - the focus has to be on the person, its about making them standout, be recognisable (and obviously be in focus!)
- Reduce Distractions & Noise - this includes backgrounds, patterns, big jewellery, and in some cases strong colours unless that’s your style/brand.  Keep it plain, keep it simple. 
- Expression - look confident and approachable. After all, a corporate headshot is your business card, you’re looking to connect with people and make people want to get in touch with you.
- Lighting - Even, soft and flattering is my style - avoid sharp shadows, especially under the eyes, chin or putting the face in the shade.  We want to see all of you, not just one side.
- Posing - Let’s find your best angles
- Eyes - It’s human intuition to look for eyes, it helped keep us safe from any tigers entering our cave, back in the day.  Eyes are key and having a catchlight in the eye to give that little twinkle brings the subject to life.
- Clean image - I always check for stray or fly-away hair, marks, dust on clothes, wrinkles in clothes, make-up imperfections etc.  I once had a client who picked up an angora rabbit before his headshot, he had hair all over his jumper.  Needless to say, my lint brush came out before that photoshoot!

If you’d like to chat about corporate headshots or need some updated images for you and your team - for your LinkedIn profile, website or social media, drop me a message as I’d love to chat.


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