What colours to wear for a photoshoot?

As a photographer in Tauranga, I’ve been asked this question a few times recently for headshot and branding shoots, so thought I’d answer it here.

Choose an outfit which will complement and be consistent with your company or brand colours.

Colour theory refers to how different colours convey different messages such as:
- Bright colours suggest confidence and energy
- Lighter colours are more friendly and approachable
- Dark colours can be more formal and authoritative.

Pick colours to complement your skin tone and pop against the backdrop.

Solid colours tend to work better then busy patterns which can be distracting. Mid-tone colours work well, very bright colours can dominate in an image and stay well clear of fluorescent if you’re thinking of printing your images - these inks aren’t easily available and can look terrible in print.

Remember, the colour wheel is your friend.

For every personal branding or headshot photoshoot booked with me in New Zealand, I provide a guide from a Photographer’s view with hints and tips on what to wear for your photo session, to make this a breeze and help make your images look fabulous. If you’d like a copy or to know more, drop me a line. 

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