Patterns - love them or hate them?

I often wear patterns - a stripy top, a flowery dress, even a few polka dots now
and again, but when it comes to a corporate headshot you may wish to avoid them.  And here’s why.

💐 A corporate headshot or profile image is about you and your face.  We want you to stand out and be the main focus of the image.  We want people to
get to know and recognise you and patterns on clothes can distract a viewer
from that.

Patterns are often easily recognisable so if you have multiple images and
you’re wearing the same pattern you may not wish to post that same image or
those images often.

Patterns often align with seasons - think of a summery flowery dress or a Hawaiian shirt for example.  We want images to have longevity and be usable throughout the year and a pattern may not work in all seasons.

A classic outfit or something non-distracting will often give you more
longevity for your business or corporate image but as long as it feels like you and is your style.  If you’re style is bright and with patterns then definitely wear them… but with a pinch of caution.

If you’d like to chat about what to wear for your photoshoot, drop me a message as I’d love to chat. 

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