New Year, New Photos!

Happy New Year!   It’s that time to turn the page and start a new chapter.  For me, as a Photographer, one of my New Year Goals is to restart my blog.  So, here we go.  Welcome to the GiselleB Blog!

I have received a lot of interest already for new business headshots and branding photos and it’s with good reason.  It’s the time everyone returns to the office with a new to-do list and often on that list, will be a few of these familiar tasks.  

⭐️Updating your website

⭐️Refreshing your LinkedIn Profile

⭐️Looking for a new job

⭐️Updating your marketing material

⭐️Designing some PR

⭐️Launching a podcast

⭐️Being more present on social media

⭐️…and so many more …

Next then comes the question about what messages you would like to convey and what photos to use.   

If you’re looking to update your headshot or branding photos and need a photographer in or around Tauranga, drop me a line for a chat.  2023 we’ve got this.

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