Headshots, Headshots and more Fabulous Headshots

In the last month I’ve taken headshots for over 150 people which is my new monthly record.  I was asked to set up a pop-up studio at the ILANZ (In-House lawyers Association of New Zealand) 2023 conference, Mercury Baypark on behalf of Thomson Reuters New Zealand and take free headshots for

It was a genius marketing idea and the plan was simple.  I set up a pop-up studio, offer free headshots to delegates courtesy of Thomson Reuters, who in turn would collect contact details and distribute the gift of a professional LinkedIn headshot.  Thomson Reuters imbursed me for my work and for two days there was a steady stream of lawyers patiently waiting for their turn in front of my lens. 

If you’ve been to a conference before, and seen a service industry stand, you will recognize that it’s often a challenge to stop people walking past and engage them in
conversation, you’ve probably walked by a few trying not to make eye contact.  There needs to be a hook and this certainly was a good hook to engage and build goodwill.

For me I absolutely loved the event.  It was a well-run conference, with a brilliant team on the stand and it was great to photograph so many people – I think I photographed a third of all attendees!   As with any headshot event, there was a spectrum of facial features and physical characteristics to work with, which given the time constraints meant I had to think fast how best to capture people.  From tall to short, fat to thin, big hair to bald, glasses or no glasses, nervous to confident, old to young, I saw a slice of the New Zealand legal society across those two days. 

I photograph people, all sorts of people, and making people look confident
and at their absolute best is what drives me.  There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing someone view a portrait and be delighted with their image.  If I can work to accentuate your best features whilst making you feel relaxed in front of the camera it’s a win for me.  If I then see that you use that photo as your LinkedIn profile photo, I know you really like it and if you’re kind enough to drop me a line or go on and leave a wonderful google review that’s the icing on the cake - and I’m super happy to see so many of these things come true for this event.

If you would like to chat about updating your headshot, have a team of people and need someone to photograph them all or, like Thomson Reuters, if you’re interested in
offering free headshots at an event, then please reach out as I’d love to help.

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