Giselle B Photography - Can you make me look older?

That was the question I was asked yesterday when doing a corporate headshot for someone in Tauranga in the medical profession.  It took me a little bit by surprise as I’m
often asked to make people look younger (and slimmer) - but this was a serious
request to look older and wiser and it got me thinking.

To help make people look more youthful, I look for flattering soft light which
helps reduce the appearance of lines, dark circles and shadows.  I use
posing and body positions to get the best angles and often clothing and makeup
to bring out the best features.

Therefore to age someone, the reverse is required… and out came granny’s

It made for an interesting shoot for sure and great to have the challenge.  If you have a specific request or look you are aiming to achieve for your headshot, personal branding or business photography, feel free to get in touch and we can talk it through.  

Happy Thursday everyone!


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