Do I need professional make-up for a headshot?

If you’re thinking about booking business headshots for you, your work or Team Photos for your company in Tauranga, I often get asked if I’d recommend professional make-up for the photoshoot.  It’s sometimes a tricky one to answer as it depends on what look you are trying to achieve and how confident you are in doing your own makeup.

I’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing makeup artists and I have to say
the results are fabulous and I can certainly tell who has had professional
makeup and who hasn’t.  As a guide, I’d say natural looking and
professional make-up is recommended for women and it’s something I can arrange for you as an optional extra.

Top tip: if you wish to do your own makeup for photography, avoid products with
shimmer or shine as these create hotspots on your photos and don’t tend to
photograph well.  

When you book a Headshot, Branding or Business Photoshoot with me in Tauranga, I provide a guide with lots of hints and tips on what to wear, makeup, hair, spectacles and everything in between - if you’d like a copy or would like to talk about a photoshoot, drop me a message.  Have a great day ☀️  

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