6 Months of Giselle B Photography in NZ!

Today I’m celebrating!  It’s been just over 6 months since Giselle B Photography moved from the UK and was launched here in NZ!  Since getting off the plane, I’ve been busily photographing headshots and personal branding work alongside personal and family portraits (as well as sorting out the house and life admin).

And whoa, what a ride! Feeling very fortunate for the fabulous people I’ve met and those who have put trust in me to take their photo.

Has it been easy?
Errr no! Yes, I turn up with a camera (well, a couple of cameras and a boot load of stuff) and I take photos, but like any business there’s so much which goes on behind the scenes which largely goes unnoticed. The editing, education, marketing, networking, finances, building a website, blogs, emails, SEO, social media, admin…. Etc, etc..

What’s next?
* I’m looking to do more headshots and personal branding work alongside personal and family portraits.
* I’ve joined BNI to meet and work with lots of lovely people
* You’ll often find me at the beautiful shared office - The Kollective in Tauranga
* AI is high on my list to learn more about
* Going to try out some LED studio lighting
…. And so much more

And I’m preparing for something big happening in the second half of the year! 🤫

I’m super excited about it and roll on the next 6 months!

If you’re enjoying following along my journey please drop me a message to say hi, link below.  Of course any referrals for Headshots, Personal branding or family photography are much appreciated. Your support is awesome. Happy Friday!

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